Yep! There is one and it is very simple. There are no guarantees regarding this software! Use it at your own risk!

Q. What can Apache Log Analyzer do for me?

A. This set of Python scripts analyzes Apache access log files and produces HTML reports.

Q. What is inside ApacheLogAnalyzer.zip?


Archive: ApacheLogAnalyzer.zip

Length Date Time Name

-------- ---- ---- ----

3518 07-13-00 19:38 ApacheLogAnalyzer/ApacheLogParser.py

2215 07-13-00 19:38 ApacheLogAnalyzer/ApacheReportCore.py

6581 07-13-00 19:38 ApacheLogAnalyzer/analyzeApacheLog.py

383 07-13-00 19:38 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reportconfig.py

8119 07-13-00 19:38 ApacheLogAnalyzer/utils.py

876 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/AnalyzerLogReport.py

2285 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/FullHostsReport.py

1075 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/IndividualHostsReport.py

4400 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/ResourceAccessReport.py

1870 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/SimpleHostsReport.py

2235 07-13-00 19:39 ApacheLogAnalyzer/reports/TotalsReport.py

861 07-13-00 19:40 ApacheLogAnalyzer/downarrow.gif

862 07-13-00 19:40 ApacheLogAnalyzer/uparrow.gif

82 07-13-00 19:48 ApacheLogAnalyzer/out/index.html

-------- -------

35362 14 files

Q. How do I install Apache Log Analyzer?

A. Just follow these steps:

  1. Unzip ApacheLogAnalyzer.zip:

  2. Set the file attributes on analyzeApacheLog.py executing chmod 700 analyzeApacheLog.py

  3. Create an output directory for the report files. For instance out directory in

Q. How do I run Apache Log Analyzer?

A. Just follow these steps:

The simplest way to do it is to use the default parameters and feed the log file through the standard input.

For example: analyzeApacheLog.py < [access log file]

ATTENTION: By default, the analyzer will attempt to launch the following command: "netscape out/index.html &" If you want to execute a different command run analyzeApacheLog.py -e"your_command parameters..." < [access log file]

Q. Where does Apache Log Analyzer write the report files?

A. All the report files always go into out directory. Currently, there is no option to change the output directory.

Q. What options does Apache Log Analyzer support?

A. It supports the following options:



-h, -H, -?:

prints help message

-i arg

arg= input file name; default value = "stdin"

-e arg

arg=command to execute at the end; default value = "netscape <outdir>/index.html &"

Q. Sample usage?

A. Sure!

The following report was created after analyzing access_log file.

analyzeApacheLog.py -iaccess_log

Have fun!

On to the source files: ApacheLogAnalyzer.zip

Alex Shindich